About Us

The single most important decision you make in your case is choosing your attorney. Who you choose to represent you could considerably alter the outcome of your case. You must have confidence in and trust your attorney with the things that matter most to you. In order to make sure you are choosing the right attorney, we need to tell you about the type of personal dedication we provide to our clients and why you should contact our firm first.

What we do

What we do

We are experienced lawyers who place our focus on your case from the initial consultation forward to its conclusion. We identify and develop every possible defense and determine the best resolution for your case. After diligent analysis and research, we advise our clients what outcome they can expect based on our professional judgement. In a criminal case, we give clear and frank advice regarding whether our defense is poor, fair, or strong. Based on the facts and the law, with our assistance, the client identifies his or her desired result and we work together to achieve it. We consistently keep our clients up to date on any new information we receive and are available to hear our clients' questions and concerns regarding their case.

What we don't do

It is also helpful to describe what we do not do. There is a tendency for some criminal defense attorneys to "fee and plea", meaning that the client pays a flat fee, waives all hearings and motions, and then takes the first plea offered by the Commonwealth. Little or no thought is put into the case as the attorney may lack the experience, skill, or interest to identify even the obvious defenses. The client is left with a criminal record after spending a few thousand dollars.

"There is a tendency for some criminal defense attorneys to "fee and plea"

The bottom line

We charge non-refundable minimum retainers for representation of a criminal case and track our billable time using traditional and approved methods at our standard hourly rates and provide regular billing statements reflecting the time spent on your case and the specifics of how it was spent. We do charge reasonable flat fees for very small cases such as ARD and summary citations.

When representing a client in a family law matter, we quote a reasonable retainer which is placed in a separate Trust Account and is billed against each month. Any unused portion of that retainer at the conclusion of the case is returned to the client.

Our Overall Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality legal services to our clients and be dedicated to representing our clients responsibly and relentlessly to gain the best possible outcome. In pursuit of this mission, we are committed to maintaining these values:

Advocacy: We will strive to understand our client's most important wants and needs so that we can establish unique and creative strategies to obtain the results they desire. We will become a fierce advocate for our clients in order to promote trust and loyalty. We are compelled to exceed the expectations of those individuals who look to us to protect their interests.

Accountability: We will strive to educate our clients about the practicalities and complexities of their case and develop a long standing relationship based on a mutual understanding of trust and respect. We will provide honest and straightforward information to ensure our clients that they are getting the highest standard of legal representation.

Supportive: We will work to provide an environment of excellence where our attorneys and our staff are dedicated to working as a team to deliver innovative ideas and thoughts, maintain open communication with one another, and encourage initiative and reliability within the firm, thereby, creating an atmosphere of supreme customer service to our clients.

Community: We believe that every person deserves a sense of justice, equality and enhanced family values. We actively look for ways to achieve better results for our clients inside and outside of the courtroom in order to better improve their lives as a whole.

"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing." - Theodore Roosevelt