State College, PA Criminal Defense Attorneys You Can Trust

State College, PA Criminal Defense Attorneys You Can Trust

Hire Masorti Law Group, PC for experienced criminal defense - Aggressively protecting your rights since 1992

If you don't hire the right defense attorney for your criminal charge, you could be left with serious consequences that can derail your future. Having tried over 80 criminal cases to verdict, Masorti Law Group will defend you aggressively and we will not quit until we have exhausted every possible defense.

Our State College, PA attorneys have more than two decades of criminal law experience. You can trust us to determine the facts of your case and develop an aggressive defense on your behalf. We'll work hard to identify legal and factual issues to get the best possible outcome.

We know the serious collateral consequences of a criminal conviction and we will work hard to protect your future. Call us now to start preparing for your defense. We practice record expungement, title IX sexual misconduct & weapons charges to name a few. 

Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

What Crime Are You Facing
in State College, PA?

When your future is in jeopardy, you need to work with an experienced, trustworthy attorney who can protect your rights and fight for the best outcome. You'll find that when you choose Masorti Law Group. Time and time again, State College residents have turned to us because of our dedication to our clients and our hassle-free process. We also keep ourselves available to answer questions and quell your concerns. Get in touch with us today to discuss your legal situation with a knowledgeable criminal lawyer. We can handle:

Theft crime defense

Drug crime defense

Rape defense

Sexual assault defense

Simple assault defense

Aggravated assault defense

Burglary and Criminal Trespass

Terroristic Threats

Domestic Violence

Work with attorneys who strive for excellence

For 27 years, the attorneys at Masorti Law Group, PC have been developing aggressive defenses for the criminal cases of individuals in the State College, PA area. Though we've handled a large number of cases in the past, we realize that every case is unique. You can expect personal service and a high attention to detail when you work with us.

Our tactics are bold because they get results. You can rely on us to keep your rights and best interests at the forefront of our defense. Email us right away to schedule a free consultation. You'll receive qualified advice on how to best proceed with your criminal case.

We take your privacy seriously

Entering into an attorney-client relationship involves sharing a lot of personal and sensitive information. Make sure you choose attorneys you can trust. Masorti Law Group, PC in State College, PA makes client privacy a top priority and will protect and secure your information.

You can rely on us to place your information under high security and protect it from disasters like system failures, human error and theft. You'll rest easy knowing that every detail you share with your attorney will be completely confidential.

Contact us today to team up with an attorney that will keep your information safe.


Masorti Law Group

The single most important decision you make in your case is choosing your attorney. Who you choose to represent you could considerably alter the outcome of your case. You must have confidence in and trust your attorney with the things that matter most to you. Our mission is to provide high quality legal services to our clients and be dedicated to representing our clients responsibly and relentlessly to gain the best possible outcome. In pursuit of this mission, we are committed to maintaining these values:

Advocacy: We will strive to understand our client's most important wants and needs so that we can establish unique and creative strategies to obtain the results they desire. We will become a fierce advocate for our clients in order to promote trust and loyalty. We are compelled to exceed the expectations of those individuals who look to us to protect their interests.

Accountability: We will strive to educate our clients about the practicalities and complexities of their case and develop a long standing relationship based on a mutual understanding of trust and respect. We will provide honest and straightforward information to ensure our clients that they are getting the highest standard of legal representation.

Supportive: We will work to provide an environment of excellence where our attorneys and our staff are dedicated to working as a team to deliver innovative ideas and thoughts, maintain open communication with one another, and encourage initiative and reliability within the firm, thereby, creating an atmosphere of supreme customer service to our clients.

Community: We believe that every person deserves a sense of justice, equality and enhanced family values. We actively look for ways to achieve better results for our clients inside and outside of the courtroom in order to better improve their lives as a whole.

please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you!

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