Dear Parents,

Raising teenagers and young adults in this day and age can be very difficult and troubling. In this social media age, teenagers and young adults can easily lose track of the values that you have taught them. Teenagers and young adults make mistakes that can only be learned from experience. It is not an indictment against your methods as a parent but rather the social circumstances that surround becoming an adult. Peer pressure, societal pressure and educational pressures can all impact your child's judgement and sometimes place your child in a vulnerable position. No one wishes to receive that phone call in the middle of the night that their child has been arrested.

Administrators and police departments appear to be losing interest in giving young adults the benefit of the doubt. Patience has run thin and sometimes this causes some to be given more harsh penalties than others. These harsh penalties can become confusing to young adults who are not familiar with the complicated legal process. These infractions can last a lifetime and become a permanent stain on your child's previously impeccable record. You and your child deserve someone who is familiar with the legal process and best capable of dealing with administrators.

Deciding a lawyer for your child is not an easy decision. This situation can be very strenuous for families and its important to choose a lawyer who would best serve your child. How can you determine which lawyer would best serve your interest? What separates the great attorneys from the good attorneys?

I would suggest to look at attorney's record to determine which one should represent your child. The best response I can give is to look at each attorney's rating, record, and reviews. I have helped hundreds of students of all ages. I am experienced in the ways of the court system, both juvenile and adult, and am familiar with the manner in which the disciplinary boards of the many colleges and universities in Central PA run. With over 27 years in criminal defense, I have the experience and the dedication to my clients that your child will need to get him or her the best possible outcome. I will walk you through the entire process, from beginning to end, and will lay out for you the choices you have at each step.

Initial consultations are always free, and I am available by phone 24/7. If you would like to meet in person, that can be arranged, as well. College students are often hesitant to allow their parents to be brought in on their case, and that must be respected; if that happens, you can rest assured I will treat them with the utmost respect and work with them to ensure the best outcome possible for their case. If there are underlying problems, perhaps with alcohol or substance abuse, we will assist you in finding the appropriate evaluations and programs to help. Often, we can use these as leverage in the courts to get lighter sentences, or even dismissals of charges, as long as your student completes the program.

-Philip Masorti
Masorti Law Group